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Tracy Warner | Designer | Nexstar Site Redesign
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Nexstar Site Redesign

A very quick, 4 day  turn-around design delivered to Nexstar Broadcasting, Inc. by request to show what a redesign of their current (50 or so) News Sites could look like. The creative process was pushed to the max trying to execute well without thoroughly exhausting the appropriate steps to come to the best solution. Working with very limited direction and no real content or even a provided site map, this massive undertaking faired well under the conditions! The challenge was to alleviate the user of a page overwhelmed with advertising while still allowing for monetary solutions as that is a large part of Nexstar’s income, clean up a messy page with lack of heirarchy, and present an overall much more attractive, modern, clean and responsive design. I chose to focus on a simplified navigation system in which the user is given control over their content and overall view. The right column would harbor stable content with the option to collapse widgets to once again “clean up the page” or display content depending on the preference of the user. These mocks also came with ideas to “personalize the page” whether that be by custom color choices for the header or another type of art. Another large focus for Nexstar was the weather page. Using along with award-winning apps like Yahoo’s weather for mobile as inspiration, I did my best to layout a few versions of what a large volume of content could look like as well as a more simplified view, again with a trimmed down navigation and collapsable widgets in mind.


Concept, Content, UX, Design


August 20, 2014


Advertising, Identity, Miscellaneous, UX/UI