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Tracy Warner | Designer | Saint Croix Animal Friends
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Saint Croix Animal Friends

Saint Croix Animal Friends(SCAF) is a group dedicated to building an animal shelter in Saint Croix County, Wisconsin. With little to no financial resources, this group desperately needed a revamped website. After reaching out to see if I could possibly “walk some dogs” they informed me they had greater need in an area I happened to be knowledgeable in. So, off we embarked to create an updated logo, a new site design, as well as several advertising pieces for this passionate bunch of people determined to save animals. After adjusting their site map and reorganizing content on their site, I created a home page for them which housed all of their most used content. The site was launched soon after and SCAF continues to work toward their goal of building an animal shelter by holding lots of fundraising events in the local area.


UI/UX, Concept, Design


May 2012


Advertising, Identity, UX/UI